Youth Leadership


Through this course of relevant, creative learning, our youth will be inspired, energized, and equipped to understand their own unique personalities and intentionally engage the world around them through service—whether it’s in their school, church, family, or community.
Through our course’s creative, discussion and activity-based sessions, we’ll dig into learning about how each person is crafted with unique personalities and talents in order to contribute to the world around us, including discovering our gifts and temperaments.

We’ll take a hard look at the current age we live in, and learn practically how we can best impact this generation through intentional service. We’ll guide students along in creatively brainstorming how they can make an impact in their own way, and launch them safely into a service project that they’re passionate about.

Our Program

What Makes This Program Unique?

  • Age-Critical--It deals with identity and purpose at the most critical age for young adults
  • Lifelong Benefits--It teaches goal setting, focus, leadership, and team dynamics skills, giving youth a significant head start to lifelong success
  •  Creative Content--It creatively engages all learning styles in a memorable way with one-of a-kind subject matter that doesn’t feel like school
  •  Inspires Growth--It reaches youth where they’re at and inspires them to grow individually
  •  Grounded in research--It’s founded on principles for student growth and success
  •  Promotes Team Work--It teaches self-awareness in the context of working with others—a valuable life skill
  •  Community Enhancing--It encourages positive impact in the community and the world

What Does It Look Like?

Our course can be offered to your school, church, or organization in a variety of ways. All our sessions are hands-on and engaging, designed to connect with every learning style and personality type. Through this course, students will learn lifelong skills for service leadership, and will be challenged to put their knowledge to practical use through crafting their own service projects or organizations.

Who Is Leading?

Trained instructors and mentors who are leaders and educators themselves teach our courses, each with a wealth of diverse leadership experience to share with youth. Our instructors and mentors are equipped to help students learn about themselves, find their passions, and inspire servant-hearted leadership in those identified fields of interest.

Session Summaries

Impact Pinellas

Session 1 - identity discovery
This session focuses on the discovery of identity and personality—an area of critical interest for students. Through personality and temperament quizzes and lively discussion, participants will learn about their basic “framework” as a unique individual and why they can make a positive impact on the world.

Session 2 - why you matter
This session inspire participants to find why they matter, what their goals are, how to stay focused on their true identity and goals, and how their identity can contribute positively to the community.

Session 3 - true character
In an era when popularity seems like the pinnacle of success to our students, we’ll explore the concepts of true character in this session. We’ll inspire them to see that they are not just a clone of someone else, but a creative character with limitless possibilities—someone to happily embrace.

Session 4 - your legacy
We’ll discover the differences between what the world sees as “success” versus what really matters over the course of a lifetime—a strong, resilient, and upright spirit. Participants will be challenged to understand the implications of their decisions now, and to think deeply about what they want their “legacy” to be.

Session 5 - your life mission
This session focuses on our “mission”—finding out what excites us, why it stirs our passion, and what we can do about it. We’ll craft our own personal mission statements, focusing on what we want to do with our lives and who we want to help. We’ll discover what holds us back from accomplishing our mission, and how we can stay focused on our mission to help make the world a better place.

Session 6 - all about goals
Participants will be challenged to apply what they’ve discovered about their personality and character into taking the next step into action. They’ll discover the tools to help them take the first steps into acting on their goals, as well as practice overcoming some common “roadblocks” to action. They’ll be inspired that every person can take action to make the world a better place.

Session 7 - history and future
This session centers on understanding this moment in history. We’ll learn about useful generational studies and why they are crucial to our understanding of our “mission”, and how we can more effectively reach those around us. We’ll discover what makes this time in history a ripe one for change, and how we can act on that.

Session 8 - working with a team
This session dives into exploring the nitty-gritty of working with a team. We’ll work through a highly specific personality test to discover the ins and outs of how we work with others, including what we uniquely offer a group and what can be annoying about us. We’ll work through various team-oriented scenarios and come away with an understanding of how to positively enact that change—ready to take action.

Session 9 - living intentionally
Participants will discover how to practically combine everything they’ve learned in order to make an impact on the world around them. They’ll learn how every person can make a difference, and what it means to intentionally live out our “mission” daily. Students will work together to brainstorm ways that they can positively impact their community, and they’ll walk through the process of planning and preparing for their own “Impact Missions” together.

Session 10 - inspired to impact
Participants will learn what it takes set, plan for, and reach their goals and life mission with energy and enthusiasm, and we’ll be encouraged together to continue striving for positive influence in our communities. They’ll be inspired to go forth and live in confidence while inspiring positive change in the world in their own special way.