Beyond Pack-A-Snack



Impact Pinellas believes that providing food to chronically hungry children is a first step in bringing about systemic change. Providing food will improve the physical health of the chronically hungry children, improve the educational performance of the children, and help open the hearts and minds of the children to the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Feeding Tampa Bay
Juvenile Welfare Board
Network to End Hunger


We view food as a starting point for establishing a relationship with the children. As relationships grow and mature, so too does trust and the resulting opportunities for us to positively influence the lives of these vulnerable children.

Research from the Barna Group indicates that 59% of 18 to 29 year olds who were churched as teen-agers have left the church. The Barna Group research also reveals that young adults feel disconnected. Structured, positive relationships between adults and youth creates the opportunity for youth to invigorate and enhance churches while also benefitting from the life coaching of adults.

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